10000 Coders | Get a high paying tech job 10000 Coders | Learn to get into a well-paid tech job

In this 3-day, live, hands-on online boot camp, you will find out

The top 3 reasons that are stopping you from getting a well-paid tech job

The essential skills you require to get into the IT industry

The dead-easy way to create a basic website on your own even if have never written code before!

The on-trend tools and technologies used in the IT industry

The ‘industry language’ you need to speak so you can attend interviews with confidence and earn the respect of your employers

The nitty-gritties of becoming a full-stack developer

How to build an impressive portfolio to wow your future employers

Access to our super-secret group. There, you can directly interact with top software professionals, get your doubts clarified, and gain support to grow your career as a software engineer

And a lot more!

Give us 90 minutes for 3 days, and gain an unfair advantage over other job seekers!

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Your 3-day Course Modules That Will Give You The Solid Foundation To Become a Software Engineer

Day 1

Introduction to Web Development and Git

  • Using Zoho Cliq and Hangouts-on-Air to make the most of the bootcamp
  • Explain what web development is
  • The roles of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in creating web content
  • Building blocks of web and basic tags
  • Introduction to Git and Github
  • Version Control and incremental builds

Deliverables: Create a Git Account, Create a basic webpage.

Day 2

Web Architecture, Cloud Computing and Styling Web Pages

  • Basics of User Experience
  • Look and Feel - Styling a web page
  • Box Model and Positioning
  • Introduction to Codepen - a tool to build and deploy a website online
  • Introduction to Azure and hosting a simple website on Azure

Deliverables: Style the web page created on day 1, create a new version on Git and host on Azure

Day 3

Introduction to JavaScript and DOM

  • Making web pages interactive using JavaScript and DOM API
  • Variables, Basic Data types, Math, Functions, Control Flow and Comparison Operators
  • How to build a portfolio to impress employers
  • What is the future of a full-stack web developer

Deliverables: Make the web page updated on Day 2 interactive, checkin and push the new version to Azure. Build knowledge profile on EnGrip and share it with us.

SAVE MY SEAT I’m ready to level up my skills

Presented by...yours truly,
Anil Kumar Ghorakavi

Anil Kumar Ghorakavi
Founder of EnGrip
As an entrepreneur who’s constantly finding ways to help people reach greater heights in their career and an Ex-Oracle & Amazon guy, I know EXACTLY what it takes to launch a career in the IT industry. The truth is your background or your degrees don’t matter! What matters is your skills, only your skills!
After visiting 25 colleges, interacting with almost 18000 students and 165 companies, Anil Kumar Ghorakavi is on a mission to bridge the awareness gap that exists between students and employees. His start-up has successfully placed 1150+ students and has partnered with more than 100+ well-known companies within 3 years.

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This boot camp is right for you only if you

  • Wish not to settle for anything less than a tech job
  • Are willing to commit 90 minutes for 3 days
  • Are ready to get your hands dirty doing the homework and writing codes
So not just B.Tech graduates, anyone interested in pursuing an IT career can attend this FREE boot camp.


This boot camp will not be right for you if

  • Think a degree is all you need to get a software job
  • You’re okay with getting a data entry, SEO, or digital marketing job
  • Don’t have the grit and determination to commit time for a successful career

Remember, this is not your average, ‘sit-back-watch-and-forget' online bootcamp. You need to do the heavy lifting to get results.

And if you do, you will be on the right track to land an IT job offering a fat paycheck!
SAVE MY SEAT I’m ready to level up my skills